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About Us

NAthaniel & maSON
A legacy created with family in mind.

Nason Roofing was incorporated in 2017 in Orange County, California by Amy Pinedo.  Working in the construction industry, it did not take Amy long to notice the lack of women owners, especially as it related to Hispanic women. She took it upon herself to open her own roofing company, to first and foremost provide the community with honest work, but to show her children what Mom was capable of. 

Where did the name Nason come from?

With Nason Roofing being a company created to leave a better future for Amy’s children, she thought who else could she name it after other than her two sons Nathaniel and Mason? She took the Na from Nathaniel and the SON from Mason, creating Nason. This was all of course before she had her daughter Charlotte, so don’t be surprised if the company has a name change in the works. 

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